Katherine Buzhynska – part of the history of Ukrainian culture!

Each of her room – an unforgettable show!
Her photos decorate the covers of glossy magazines!
She sings in 7 languages: English, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgary!

Kate Buzhynska than a year stirs the heart and soul of their fans. Live sexy, extraordinary energy, original and gorgeous voice – the three components of its success. She is one of the few singers who sing easily live without a soundtrack.

Honored Artist of Ukraine. The assets Katie Buzhinskaya 8 albums, 19 music videos. She is the winner of the Grand Prix of 5 international competitions and more than 25 international awards. Emotional and cheerful singer, who always has something to say to your audience.

She was born on August 13, 1979 in Norilsk under the sign of the lion.

1991 Kate Buzhynska for the first time took part in a singing contest “The unknown voice.” Future star was 11 years old, the age limit of the contest was 40 years old. She came without a stage costume and sound among the 360 candidates took the first place.

1993 – Kate Buzhynska entered the music school of Chernivtsi. Vorobkevicha
1993 brought victory in the contest: “Srіbne Dzhereltse” and “Red Rue”.

1993 – a soloist of the ensemble “Dzvіnkі voice” at the Palace of Pioneers in Chernivtsi. Parallel work in the Chernivtsi Philharmonic without employment record.
1995 – winner of the “Morning Star” in Moscow
In 1995, Kate Buzhynska wins prestigious song contest “Divogray”, “Pervotsvіt”, “Kolorovі reduction.”

Life began its run, when Kate was 16 years old. She had beauty, temperament, and a rare voice has embarked on the path to your dream.

In 1996, the singer moved to Kiev, translated from the Chernivtsi Musical College. Vorobkevicha to the second year of higher Glier Music College, the Faculty of pop vocal. (vocal teacher T.N. Rusova)

Since that time, the success of a bright and cheerful Kate Buzhinskaya accompanied in everything.

1996 Kate Buzhynska participate in the festival “Veselad” and gets the first Grand Prix in his life.

In 1997, Kate Buzhynska participated in three festivals: “Young Galicia” (Grand Prix), “Krіz thorns to stars» (Grand Prix), “Pіsenny vernіsazh” (first prize).

In 1997, the singer was awarded the title “Discovery of the Year” in the “Schlager”.

In 1998, the singer gets the Grand Prix at the most popular and prestigious at the time of the international festival “Slavic Bazaar”.

After winning the “Slavonic Bazaar” Kate has to work closely with the poet Yuri Rybczynski and composer Alexander Zlotnik. They wrote hits that still remember and love. The songs “Ice”, “Romansero”, “Rebellious”.

In 1998, the singer became the winner of “Prometheus-Prestige” in the nomination “Young Talent” in the “Man of the Year.”

In 1998, the debut album Katy Buzhinskaya “The music that I love.”

In 1999, in Poland at the festival, “Jelenia Góra” star gets 5 in a row his grand prix. It is significant that the diplomas to the “Slavonic Bazaar” and “Zielona Gora” hung in his office at the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.

In 1999, the singer won the contest “Golden Fortune”.

In 1999, the album “Ice”.

In 2000, Kate ends Buzhynska Music School. Glier.

In 2001, Kate Buzhynska first and only singer who represented Ukraine at the Festival of San Remo in Italy, its program was a mad success.
Katie Buzhinskaya name entered in the Ukrainian encyclopedia manufactured Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, biographical encyclopedia “Zhіnki Ukraine”, manufactured by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences National Progress in 2001 and the directory of Cambridge Geographic Society.

In 2001, the album “The Flame”.

In 2003, the President of Ukraine awarded Katya Buzhynska title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.

2003 singer Kate Buzhynska performs with his solo program for President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

In 2003 he released an album called “Romansero.”

Winter in 2004 held a solo concert Katie Buzhinskaya in the “Palace Ukraine” called “Ice and Fire.” Concert with pereanshlagom.

In 2006, the album “Pet name it.”

In 2007, Katie Buzhinskaya daughter, Helen, whom she named in honor of his mother.

In 2008, the singer was presented a star on the alley of stars in Chernivtsi.

Katie Buzhinskaya career in show business is not like the path traversed by the other stars of the Ukrainian stage. This singer made ​​herself.

In May 2009 – Kate Buzhynska was kavalerstvennoy lady, she was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus.

In May 2009 – Kate Buzhynska in Moscow writes duet song “Queen of Inspiration” with Stas Mikhailov. The song “Queen of Inspiration” was a hit both in Ukraine and in Russia, and has always been a leader in the charts.

In June 2009 – Kate Buzhynska starred in the movie “White Panther”, which was directed by Alan Badoev. Presentation of the video took place in September.

In October 2009 – Kate Buzhynska received the award “Woman III Millennium.”

In January 2010 – Kate Buzhynska received the “Ukrainian Song of the Year” for the song “Duhmyana nich”

In August 2010 – Kate Buzhynska takes part in the “I’m against violence”

In February 2011 – Kate Buzhynska starred in the movie “Love and Happiness”

In March 2011 – Kate Buzhynska starred in the music video “I promise”

n March 2011 – Kate Buzhynska receives award for “Hit of the Year” for the song “Love and Happiness”

In May 2011 – Kate Buzhynska wins show-project “National 4-star.” During the project Katya Buzhynska recognize the best actress and sex symbol of the country.

In May 2011 – the album “Queen of Inspiration”

In August 2011 – Kate Buzhynska  receives the order “For service to art-Golden Star”

In November 2011 – held a solo concert Katie Buzhinskaya in the “Palace of officers” under the title “Queen of inspiration.” Concert with pereanshlagom.

In December 2011 – Kate Buzhynska starred in the music video for the song “Desire”

In January 2012 – Kate Buzhynska awarded the diploma of the Ministry of the Interior.

In February 2012 – Kate Buzhynska becomes official TM wedding and evening dresses «UkrShik”

In March 2012 – Kate Buzhynska takes part in the telethon Ukrainian song “Pisnja ob’єdnuє us”

In April 2012 – Kate Buzhynska involved in social action “Draw the Life”

In May 2012 – Kate Buzhynska receives the award “Muse ukraїnskoї pisni” in the category of “Glory ukraїnskoї pisni”

In May 2012 – Kate Buzhynska takes part in a charity ball “Giving hope, Give Life”

In June 2012 – the album Kathy Buzhinskaya “Queen of Inspiration” is recognized as the best album of the year.

In August of 2012 – is a Ukrainian-album “Yak on our Ukraїnі.”

In November 2012 – the album, which included the 100 best songs of Katie Buzhinskaya.

In December 2012 – published a new video for the song “imagined”

Kate Buzhynska actively involved in charity concerts.
She has more than 200 songs.
The singer is the official face of the brand «Gottex» (swimwear), which itself is determined to Princess Diana and the official wedding and evening dresses UkrShik.

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